Sunday, September 30, 2007

Let's Save Belgium!

As I was telling you in a prior post, Belgium is about to implode. Which is very sad, as so many things are cool in Belgium, despite the horrors Charles Baudelaire published about it.
A country that produced Marcel Broodthaers and Chantal Akerman (Brookerman or Akerthaers???) in addition to moules frites (yes, those are Belgian, not French!), speculoos cookies, real beer, good chocolate and hardcore industrial electronic music (Front 242 anyone?) cannot be that wicked and deserves to remain a whole nation.
Alas, we at FBC! are powerless to help. Besides, we're French, meaning the Flemish would hate us as much as the Dutch hate the Flemish - they really do.
So instead of trying to marry off Arendstein and her meager dowry to totaly wacky Guattaleuze, we're going to ask you in our weekly poll to vote for what should be saved from Belgium. Godiva doesn't count as it is not really Belgian anymore.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to save Belgium's national identity!

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