Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Telex at Eurovision 1980

Before there was American Idol, there was the Eurovision song contest, an annual event where countries even outside of Europe send their cheesiest bands to compete and earn "points" (as in, "Sweden, point 15"). It's so bad it has become over the years a source of endless jokes, so much so that now some countries select fake bands a la Spinal Tap. Israel sent a tranny a few years back, and one Slovenian entry had airline-attendant-attired trannies too a bit later. Finland won with Lordi last year, you can YouTube them for further enjoyment.
Here's the 1980 Belgian entry, Telex (who does remember what a telex was, BTW?). It was some ironical attempt to deride the contest itself, but the music, hmm. VERY 1980s Eurotrash, isn't it?

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